Ferdinand Magellan's Voyage

Around the World

The Origin of Ferdinand Magellan

Ferdinand Magellan was born in 1480, in Portugal. His parents died when he was 10. He was the queen's messenger. He found out Christopher Columbus being famous from exploring the "new world". He learned navigate the sea. He found out he could be famous a explorer. His sponsor is King Charles the V. He sailed with 7 ships and 260 men! But he had to keep it a secret what he was doing. It was several months before he went 373 miles. Magellan saw waters that he never seen before. He finally got to the south sea.

SO Close to Success.

He was close to Asia, many of his men were dying from scurvy. He finally reached Asia and it's riches. He got pearls the size of a hen eggs, lots of spices and, silk. Sadly Ferdinand died in the philippines. But he didn't fail he is a famous explorer. His men fulfilled the mission.