Expedition Update

All in bed - most asleep!

Hello from camp

Hi Parents,

Well after a long sunny and hot day we have a lot of very tired kids on our hands so I'm pleased to report that they are all in bed and most are asleep.

Both events have had successful days with a lot of challenges and some virtues building activities. The children showed great courage and unity during the water sports activities at the beach. Sailing was postponed for much of the day due to no wind, groupings were changed to accommodate the changes. Every child has come back with a story from their adventure at sea!

The island was very quiet today, we saw lots of wild boar, many herons and of course we were very pleased to see the hermit crabs. It was a very low tide and there was a lot to see.

The children became very hot and so we had a calmer afternoon with some biodiversity games and a visit to see many fruit trees and kampong life,

Many thanks for all your preparations for our visit today. We look forward to seeing you all at the High School pick up tomorrow after another day of adventures.

With best wishes from the Grade 3 Expedition Team.