So You Think You Can Sabotage?

The Hottest New Reality TV Show Coming this Summer!

The Creators of Dancing with the Dark Side Bring You Our Latest TV Show: So You Think You Can Sabotage?

Coming this summer is the most high-stakes reality television show that has ever aired (for more than one reason)! Not only is the Evil Network bringing you some of the most famous villains of all time, but you'll be able to watch your favorite villain in action all summer long! Throughout this competition, you will see these infamous villains put their tactics to the test as they compete for the title of Most Extreme Villain, along with power over anything they desire! Pretty cool prize, right? But, it won't be easy to get: you see, there are no rules in this competition; anything goes, making this the most dangerous competition of all time! Each villain is willing to do anything to sabotage each other to get the power they want. Now that I've got you interested in the concept of our newest reality TV show, I bet you're wondering just who the lucky four contestants are! Check out our website,, to meet our contestants!

Watch this summer for a show full of sabotage, lies, and the quest for power: So You Think You Can Sabotage?

Check out our hints below to see if you can guess the contestants before logging onto our site!

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Contestant Number Four

Our final villain is one of the most infamous extremists of all time. His name is known by all and he was featured in one of the best movies of all time. He started out with a good heart; but, as he ages, he turns his back against the Council and joins the Dark Side to use the Force for evil, only to gain power over all of the galaxy. Who could this possibly be?