The Green Revolution


The green revolution will increase your countries crop yield. This method will probably even leave your people with a surplus of food! These techniques will strengthen your country politically, sociologically, and economically: There will be no need to import as much crops.

Jobs will be easily created

-Jobs will be created for creating farmland and there will be a higher need for farmers which will strengthen your country's economy immensely.

-Your country will gain money from the trade of crops.

New Technology !

New technology has been invented making it easier to increase productivity(ex. Reaper, tractor etc.)
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Success Stories

India had success with this method and there yield went up by a whopping 30%. The engineering of the plants has made their yield amazingly tasty and just overall better.


Expand your farmland and keep good track of the patterns of crop growth. You will produce a great yield with large crops.



-You will have a good amount of food for your country

-There will be enough for trade.

-You will have higher respect within the countries.

-Food production will be easier and faster.