John Donne

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Where was he born?

John Donne was born in London between January 24 and June 19 1572 and died on March 31, 1631.

Where did he spend most of his life?

John spent the majority of his life in different parts of England.

John Donne's Education

"He studied at Hart Hall, Oxford and also at Cambridge. In May 1592, he entered Lincoln's Inn after studying previously at Thavies Inn."(Munro)

Donne's lifestyle

"Donne served as M.P. for Brackley in the Parliament of October-December 1601."(Munro) His public career was ruind by his secret marriage to Anne More. After people found out he was shortly imprisoned and lost his job with Sir Thomas Egerton, the person Donne was working as secretary for. Later on he was picked to be a royal champlain of the Church of England.

John Donne's Art

He created verse letters, poems, religious tracts and holy sonnets. Some examples of his art is "The Pseuso-Martyr" and "Ignatius His Conclave".

Donne's Patrons

Some people he was patronized by were Sir Thomas Egerton and the Church of England.

How he showed humanism

John Donne showed humanism when he had a secret marriage with Anne More. This represents humanism because he was focused on pleasing himself and Anne More was considered pleasure to him.

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John Donne's Art

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Pseudo Martyr was created in 1610. The significance of this piece is "he urged English Catholics to submit to the oath of allegiance."(Munro) This means he wanted the Catholics to be loyal to the king.

His work

The thing that I found interesting about is "Pseudo-Martyr was Donne's first published work and the only one he wrote as a lawyer."(Raspa)
Donne, John, and Anthony Raspa. Pseudo-martyr: Wherein out of Certaine Propositions and Gradations, This Conclusion in Evicted, That Those Which Are of the Romane Religion in This Kingdome, May and Ougt to Take the Oath of Allegiance. Montreal: McGill-Queen's UP, 1993. Print.