Indigenous Australians

The Kaiadilt People


The Kaiadilt people are indigenous to Australia. The Kaiadilt Tribe is the most Northern Tribe of the 22 tribes in the Wellesley island. The Kaiadilt people are located in Queensland,South Wellesley, Forsth and Bountiful Island groups .The Kaiadilt people speak English and also their own language.


Kaiadilt's language is known as the Moribund language spoken on Morington Island, in the Wellesley lands of Queensland in the Northern Australia. The Kaiadilt tribe has just over 100 people.


The Kaiadilt people hunt for fish and other animals to eat for their diet.These people who came to identify, themselves as the Kaiadilt depended mainly on seafoods for subsistence and constructed many hectares of enclosed fishtraps.


The Kaiadilt people go to Morington Island State School. The school believes that working together is the key that to the educational needs of the students and indeed the community's future.


For years, the Kaiadilt people tried to keep their tribe together. They believe that they should continue to dance and live in the bushes because that is the way they keep their relationships strong.


Abel Tasman had been the first recorded person to visit the Wellesley island in 1664. In 1804, Mathew Flinders visited the place in 1802 on his ship. In 1860 settlements of the first fleet moved on to Wellesley island, causing the Aboriginals to have discomfort.


Alcohol are limited within the tribe's country nowadays. It is called 'Dry Place' or 'Restricted Area'.

Interesting Facts

  • The Kaiadilt tribe can also be called the Malununda Tribe.
  • The co-ordinates that the tribe moves around is 139°'East x 17°5'South
  • Their people ensure the culture is preserved so Mirndiyan Gununa are encouraging young people through dance and visual arts programs.