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Guided Reading

It was great to sit in on many Guided Reading coaching sessions last week! Here are important ideas and questions that I added to my notes:

  • We have to make good reading visible to the students.
  • Did I teach the book or the students?
  • To students: What did you learn about yourself as a reader today?
  • What is one thing I'm teaching today today to move my students forward?
  • Set a purpose for reading..."As you're reading these pages, think about..."
  • Use the introduction to set students up for success.

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38 Great Academic Language Builders

Remember to use the many strategies you learned this summer with Dr. Lara. For our ELL's to progress, they must use language daily and we must plan opportunities to grow language alongside academics. Check out this teacher reflect on the teaching of Brick and Mortar words:


There are still plenty of opportunities for private coaching this term - it's fun!