St Andrews Anglican College

school of opportunity and excellence

Sport, learning and cultural opportunities

There are so many different types of trips and excursions at St Andrews! For year 6 there is a fantastic China trip which allows students to travel to brand new places whilst receiving an extraordinary life experience. trying new cuisines and travelling all over China is certainly a breath taking moment in peoples lives and will stay with them forever. There is also a Thailand trip in grade 8, an 'Urban bound' trip in grade 9 and a New York trip in grade 12!!! there are also many others like surfing trips and helping out the less fortunate in poverty in Malawi, but those are only a few from the wide variety of cuntries they travel too.


St Andrews offers a lot of sporting scholarships and about 2 and 3/4 hours of sport a week! There are swimming carnivals, athletics days and all different house competitions to get everyone involved in team spirit. At St Andrews there are also so many different types of team sports such as Rugby Union, Netball, Basketball, Volleyball and Water polo. They can play competitively and get fit and active whilst also having a great time hanging out with their friends