Sammy Davis Jr.

Sammy Davis Jr. Article

What He Did and Who He Is

Sammy was born December 8, 1925. Sammy Davis Jr. was a famous singer, dancer ( tap dancing ), and a comedian. He also performed when he was only three years old. Sammy Davis played in Rat Pack with Fran Sinatra and Dean Martin. And during World War 2 he was an entertainer.

What Happened

He married a Swedish actor May Britt and had one daughter and adopted two sons. Pretty soon later he got in a bad car accident which made him have a bad left eye and a shattered face, and still performed after. He also marched and fought with Martin Luther King because of his skin color. But a few years after he married a third time with an entertainer.

How he Passed

Since Sammy was long life smoker he passed away from throat cancer. The day he died was May 16,1990. Many people were devastated but he was still famous for his acting, dancing, singing, and entertaining people.
Mini Bio: Sammy Davis, Jr.