Mystical art

The Art of Bunbarying

Bunburying is an art created in 1895. Bunburying is portraying another person who you make up. (For example pretending to have an uncle called Joseph who lives elsewhere, but you actually are that person in that other place.)

Bunburying is used to be two people at once. The goal is to be two places at once. Not literally though just pull it off smoothly.

Steps to being a Bunburist.

Now the steps to being a bunburyist.

  1. Name your counterpart

  2. Give reasons to “visit” your counterpart

  3. Do not Bunbury with more than two counterparts

  4. Have a cause to bunbury

  5. Always come up with excuses

  6. Use time wisely

  7. Do not have a relationship. (Unless giving up Bunburying)

  8. Good memory is important

  9. Have a lot of money

  10. Have a private place only for yourself.

Categories of Steps To Bunbury

Category One/ Super Important Things

  • Name your counterpart
  • Do not have a relationship
  • Give reasons to "visit" your counterpart
Category Two/ Suggested Things To Have

  • Have a cause to Bunbury
  • Have a lot of money
  • Have a good memory
  • Have a private place to yourself.
Category Three/ Other Bunburist Necesssities

  • Time consumption is spent wisely
  • Have a cause to Bunbury
  • Do not Bunbury with more than two counterparts

Problems & Solutions To Bunburying

Problems That May Be Encountered

  1. Someone may get to discover all of your counterparts

  2. You fall in love.

  3. Too many people know you

  4. Both of your counterparts have to be at a certain place at the same time.

  5. You go broke so you cannot support one of your counterparts.

  6. You meet two people at the same time, each one with a different counterpart, and you meet them both at the same place.

  7. Your super secret place of solitude is discovered.

  8. You trust your friend to much and tell him you are a Bunburyist.

  9. Someone pretends to be the person you are pretending to be.

  10. You die.

  11. During the funeral they discover who you realy are.

Solutions To The Difficulties Encountered

  1. He might disappear from an “accident”.

  2. Tell people you are a Zoophile.

  3. Do not be a friendly person.

  4. Cancel with the least expected counterpart to attend at this place.

  5. Make one counterpart a hobo for a while.

  6. Try to ignore them and make it seem like you have never seen them in your life.

  7. Never come back to that place. Just leave and setup up a super secret place elsewhere.

  8. You will have to make an accident happen again.

  9. Another accident will have to happen.

  10. You cannot stop death. Tough Luck.
  11. It will not matter you are dead.