Casa Italiana

Carnevale Potluck

Buon Carnevale!

Carneval Potluck

Friday, March 8th, 6pm

We invite you to join us for a potluck to celebrate Carnevale here at the Casa Italiana!

Carnevale, also known as carnival or mardi gras, is celebrated in Italy and many other places around the world in the lead up to Easter, a final day of partying, revelry and feasting before Ash Wednesday and the forty days of Lent.

While Carnevale is celebrated throughout Italy and customs differ from region to region and city to city, the most famous celebration by far is that of Venice, known for its beautiful masks and Baroque costumes. Venice's Carnevale celebration has its origins in the middle ages, was outlawed in 1798 under Austrian rule and was later revived during the course of the 19th and 20th centuries.

Please bring a dish to share and remember that costumes are required!

Carnevale Potluck at Casa Italiana

Friday, March 8th, 6pm

4245 East Avenue

Rochester, NY

Event is free of charge but please bring a costume and a dish to pass.

Phone: 585-389-2468