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Week 21- Be The Big Orange Bird & Take Us On Your Learning Journey

February Conference Tweets - (please include #LISDCIC #ReaganRays if you can fit it)

Texas Computer Education Association (TCEA) - (please include #TCEA16 #ReaganRays if you can fit it)

  • Tweet any idea for your classroom
  • Tweet any cool new learning
  • Tweet any Conference to Classroom Connections
  • Tweet Selfies with any presenter that resonated with you & why?

  • Tweet something you want to try or experiment from Conference Experience
  • Tweet at someone to know more...
  • Tweet any response to the articles below
  • TWEET FREEDOM - Tweet anything awesome!

BOOK STUDY TWEETING (Amplify & Worlds of Making)

please include #amplifyed or #worldsofmaking ...respectively

  • Tweet something you tried in your classroom as a result of your reading
  • Tweet anything that has made you 'WONDER' from you reading
  • Tweet something you want to try as a result of you reading Chp. 2
  • Tweet a wondering, disagreement, or challenge to anything in your reading
  • Tweet something that you read that connected with you and your classroom

Don't forget #ReaganRays - We continue to be 'live' on our website! Folks love seeing what we are doing!

I am asking everyone to Flipgrid a video (click me)

You have a max of 90 sec. to share you response to my posted question. Click on me at bottom of page to get the question. Then all responses are available to us to view on the grid - you can view and favorite others responses. Come on - FlipGrid IT!

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20th Week In Review...

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