Kinder Corner

What's New with Miller Kindergarten

Off to a Great Start!

Wow! The first week of Kindergarten is almost over! We have had an exciting one, that’s for sure. By now you know your child's teacher and the real fun can begin! Your child will start the day with his/her teacher tomorrow and have fun finding his/her locker. The shirts your child received today is a gift from the PTA. We will ask you to dress your child in this shirt a few times this year for special occasions.

Fun Friday Dress Up Days

Let's Get This Party Started!

This year, we celebrate Miller Elementary's 20th Birthday!

What's your favorite birthday treat? Wear one of the colors below to show us:

Cupcake - red

Cookie - blue

Cake - yellow

Miller's Mindset

Here at Miller Elementary, we strive to develop lifelong learners. We wanted to provide you with some information on Mindset and communicate that we strongly believe in and promote developing a growth mindset. Please click on the "Mindset Information" button below to learn more.

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