A Byte to Go

November 18, 2015

We will meet tomorrow to our monthly Byte to Go sessions. We will be completing our Speak Up Survey online as well as logging into the Achievement Series website Mrs. Phelps has shared with us. Please go to your "side of the building" computer lab for the meeting. We sill start at 3:00 sharp. In order for you to receive PD credit you need to attend the entire meeting.

Canvas Anyone???

I will be available after the meeting tomorrow to work with anyone who needs help. I will stay as long as you need me!!!!

Thanksgiving Symbaloo

Remember Symbaloo from last year's PD? Click on the link for an updated Thanksgiving Symbaloo.


Thanksgiving and Scholastic

Share the link with your students and watch The First Thanksgiving come alive.


Speak Up Survey....This is Important!!!

We take this survey every year and I know how we all feel about surveys :) but this one gives our state, system, and school a picture of where we are with technology and where we want to go. Technology is important and should be incorporated throughout our day not just to take tests with using computers and i-pads. For the students in elementary school now, 65% of jobs available for them as adults will be using technology that hasn't even been invented yet. Imagine that - what a huge task we have to give our students the best opportunities to prepare them for their future.

SO THIS IS IMPORTANT!!! Please have your students and your parents complete the survey as soon as possible. Jason and Kerry can help you in the computer lab with this. There is an easier survey to complete for the younger kids that is done as a whole group.

Here's the link:


Thanks isn't a big enough word.

Y'all are amazingly awesome and because of YOU our school is better. Have a wonderful, blessed, long week of Thanks-Giving :)