The One-Room Schoolhouse

by: Landry Jorski

Where was it?

Most schoolhouse were located in the country... the school house would be in the middle oh no where and the kids had to walk a mile and a half to get to school everyday.

Exteriors and Interiors of the schoolhouses!

Every school house had a picture of george washington and abraham lincoln on the wall. every school house also had a chalkboard and a flag pole outside of the school. The schools used to be two stories then they took the second floor off because of strong winds.

Furnishings of the schoolhouses!

all of the teachers had the alphabet on the walls and a bell on their desk. Also everybody had a picture of gorge washington and abraham lincoln. the teachers would not decorate their walls because they didn't have colored paper like we do now. also everybody had a book shelf in their room and a fire place.

How many children did one school house serve?

One schoolhouse room served from about 10-25 students.

What is its history?

When they built a church and a school the school was always built before the churches. in school they learned reading, writing, and arithmetic. the ages were from 5-6-16! a lot of the children couldn't speak english. there were a total of 50 different ethnic groups in the schoolhouses. every child had to walk to school every morning! the teachers had to be everything not just a teacher. during school they had an house for recess and softball was a big thing. they also had to take a test to get out of the 8th grade and go to high school.

what type or curriculum did it have?

the taught reading writing and agriculture.

would you have liked the one room schools house? why or why not?

i honestly don't think that i would like the one room school house because i like the big environment and i like having more that one teacher because you would get tired of them sitting there and lecturing you all day... i think that if i had a fun class i would like it but if you had a boring class than it wouldn't be any fun...