Friday's Thoughts

May 13, 2016

The end is near!

We are so close to the end of the school year! Let's support and build each other up over the next 12 days. We need each other to finish strong! It will help if we remember our first three staff customs:

#1 Uplift your fellow staff members.

#2 Choose to be HAPPY.

#Choose not to complain or gossip.

Have a great weekend! Get some much needed rest!


Profile Cards

Profile cards are in the office. Please make sure you pick up cards for new students or any student that does not have a card. As you are completing your cards, please be as detailed as you can with any information that will help the upcoming teacher. Profile cards are due May 25th.


Yearbooks are on sale for $5. Please remind your students to purchase their yearbook!

Next Year

Katie Howard will be joining us as our new LAUNCH teacher. Katie has been teaching third grade at West Pelzer Elementary. She will be with us all day every Monday and Wednesday afternoon to teach 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade LAUNCH.

As we plan to begin a new STEM lab and utilize our library differently, I wanted to let you all know how our class size will look for next year as of now:

1st grade: 16

2nd grade: 22

3rd grade: 23

4th grade: 22

5th grade: 23

Due to numbers, we will be targeting our intervention (Mrs. Greer, Mrs. Mizzell, Mrs. Moore, and Mrs. Addison) to ensure we have our kids covered. I am excited for our kids that they will be able to participate in the STEM lab and the library becoming more of the heart of our school.

Teacher of the Year

Nominations forms will be placed in your boxes Monday. Please vote on one choice on this form. Place your vote in the covered box in my office.


We are in a dire situation with our copier. Please be very mindful and only copy what you need before the end of the year. I was told today that our copier bill is the largest in the district. Please keep this in mind as we finish the year and copy wisely. Thank you in advance!


I hope you will find time this summer to read the book we gave you for Teacher Appreciation. It is a great book that will inspire you!


I am going to place the remainder of the award's in the conference room. In order to complete your award's for all A and A/B honor roll, you can go to quick lookup in order to look at averages. Remember to look at final averages when determining your all A and A/B honor roll list, not the nine weeks. If you have questions, please let me know.


If you have not returned your survey, please do so. I appreciate your feedback!

End of the Year Wrap Up!

I will be sending you a date and time for us to meet one on one to discuss your SLO, goals for next year, etc.

Next Week:

Monday: Book fair begins, 1st grade celebration, middle school tour, 4th/5th reading PD, talent show

Tuesday: 4th grade LAUNCH trip, Mother/Son Movie night: time change to 5:30. This is due to the movie not showing up on the outdoor screen until dark. You are not required to stay for this event. If you would like to stay, you are welcome!

Wednesday: Last House Party AM, Battle of the Books, iPad collection day

Thursday: Washington Parent Meeting 5:30, Last day for K4, reading PD for K-3

Friday: Chorus to Carowinds, Spring Fling, Finish F & P testing