Be great for your country

What is communism?

So I am sure you are thinking to yourself "what is this communism? Isn't it supposed to be bad?" Well let me tell you its the best thing you will experience. Communism is where all property is owned by a nameless social class and I am sure you are thinking "But I want to own my property" but think about this. Have you ever gone into a store and some moron tells you that you can't do this or you can't do that and they are being super uptight? Well don't worry because our stores and our property isn't owned by some idiot but owned by this social class so that it can run smoothly. The best part about it is that everything is equal from men and women's wages to even your job pay!
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Why its great!

  • Are you a women and you don't make the money you deserve? Don't worry! with communism you will be making the same wages as them men!
  • Have you ever wanted to be equal? Well with communism you will be equal with all of your neighbors!
  • Have you been worrying about the healthcare you need or the education your child deserves? With communism we care about all of those things and will give you all that you need to succeed!
  • Have you been sweating that day where the "man" fires some lackeys? Not to fear because with communism everyone keeps the job that they get!
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Learn the history

So if you are going to be an amazing communist then you should know a thing or two about where it comes from. Two great men decided on the idea of this amazing thing called communism back in the 19th century. Their names were Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. With the help of these two amazing men we made this little idea into an actual thing that we use today that we call communism