Learning About Eating Disorders

By: Abraham Moskowitz

How you can help prevent eating disorders

Help alter knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors

Targeted Prevention- Help those who look like they could have a disorder

Universal Prevention- Informing the public about disorders in advance in order to prevent them

Show people the consequences of eating disorders

Help those with low-self esteem and social anxiety

Eat a healthy diet and teach others to do the same

Don't judge a book by its cover !

People should be judged by their behaviors not their appearance

We should judge people by there character

Some people struggle with their diet but that doesn't mean they aren't good people

Good Foods Vs Bad Foods

All foods are good in moderation

Foods become bad when you eat after you are full

Fruits and Vegetables are the best but sweets are good sometimes as well

Eat a diversity of snacks

Don't eat foods due to emotions

Media Influence

The media wants to make perfection seem normal

They start an unrealistic image for people

When you see advertisements you should ignore them if they are unrealistic

You shouldn't dwell on the image of the actors and you should be happy with your own image

How to be a role model !

Don't tease people on their physical appearance

Be supportive

Teach people to be proud of their image

Model healthy behaviors

Discuss negative media tricks and keep them away

Give people quality time

Focus on life, not appearance

Respect woman

Respect men and authority

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