Lionfish (Pterois volitans)

By: Zamaih A. Pressley

Vertebrate Species

Lion fish lives in the Indo-Pacific Region and where introduced to the Atlantic in the late 1980s by local aquariums and/or fish hobbyists in Florida. Lion fish have spread throughout the Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico, South America and far north to Massachusetts and now they are in the Bermuda Behavior. The Lionfish has come to N.C and they are on the coast. They have invaded the U.S. waters, it has made it so that people have to be careful when fishing and things like that. People can get poison from these fishes and could also decrease the food source in the area that they are in. The fish also messes with the reefs that the Earth needs and that humans need to live. People could try to remove them by removing new fish(fish eggs/larvae).