All about Me!

Mrs. McDonald

Who am I?

I am 26 years old and have an incredible husband Brian. Right now I stay at home to care for my 5 children while I finish my degree in Elementary Education. My family means the world to me! I also have a dog named Hurricane who is a Basset Hound mix. He is like another child to me. I absolutely love sports! I like to watch them, play them, and watch my children play them. My life revolves around caring for my family with a little of me on the side.

My Learning Style

My Learning Style is Visual/Kinesthetic. I prefer to see it in pictures or in a demonstration then I have to write it down or I will forget! Especially if it is a math problem. I need to see it, write out the rules that apply and solve a few problems myself before I fully understand. I struggle with math slightly since I have not done it in years. Science is my strongest subject and a passion of mine.

I love to be creative!

I like to dance around and be silly! This is one of my favorites!

The Sid Shuffle - Ice Age: Continental Drift

Character Assessment

I feel like I have many strengths that will make me a great elementary school teacher! I am outgoing, compassionate, hard-working and devoted to making a difference. Sometimes my passion can become a weakness because I try so hard to please others. This is something I am working on as a person. My goal is to become the best teacher I can be and never stop learning myself. I plan to continue my education into a Masters Degree in Curriculum and Instruction. Children are our future so I hope to do my part in building a better society by teaching them to the best of my ability and have a little fun along the way!

Fun Facts about me!

I love toaster strudels!

I have a fantasy football team.

I love animals! I would have a million if I could.

I like funny movies, but my all time favorites are Top Gun & The Lion King

I love country music!

My favorite color is Green