Madelyn Roach

Job Description

A cosmetologist is someone who specializes in hair and beauty techniques such as makeup artist, hair stylist, and manicurist. Whether that is working in salons or department stores like Dillard's, or Macy's. It lets them express there talent and what their good at through makeup and hair. There are different jobs and degrees t get in the cosmetology field such as a beautician, salon assistant, hair dresser, and so many other possibilities.

Responsibilities & Requirements

Our responsibility as cosmetologist is to offer every guest an exceptional service experience, promote products for at home use, and contribute to the growth and the productivity of the salon/stores. The requirements to become a licensed cosmetologist is the ability to fit in through your talents that you have.

What is the yearly salary for cosmetologist?

A cosmetologist earns an annual wage of $26,790 per year, but depending on what field you go in your salary will be different.

What kind of degree do you need to work in the cosmetology field?

In order to work in the cosmetology field you need to attend a cosmetology school to get a license to be able to work in cosmetics or what ever field your working in. There are hundreds of cosmetology schools all round the world to give you the education you need to learn. Depending on what you want to specialize in depends on how many hours of class you have to take.

What advantages do you get to having longer on the job experiences?

Depending on where your working and what your specializing in is what determines what kinds of advantages you get when been on the job for a long time. Some certain benefits like employee discount, health care plan, some paid vacations, dental, and retirement plans.