What's New in Room 17

Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

Mammals With Mr. Anderson

We had so much fun learning about mammals with Mr. Anderson on September 28! He had hands on critters for us to feel and shared a lot of interesting information! Earlier in the day , we researched a mammal on Pebble Go and created a Wixie to share with the class!

This month in academics...

In reading, we are learning how writers write stories that follow the pattern of a roller coaster! Ask us about it! We are also now breaking up into groups to read chapter books. Our first unit has all been about how friends depend on each other, and we will be writing "small moment" stories of our own to end the unit.

In health, we have been learning about how to express our feelings in appropriate ways, and ways to take care of our brains and our bodies!

In math, we are working on telling time to the hour and half hour. Please give your child repeated opportunities to read your clocks at home!

We have also been learning about coins and their values. Please help your child count sets of coins. This will reinforce what we are doing in class in real world situations!

All About.... Me!

In September, we all had an opportunity to tell our classmates about ourselves! We brought in things that were special to us and presented to the class. We learned so many cool and interesting things about each other!

Dabbing Fun...because we are cool....and silly sometimes!