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Choice Based Art

Molly Wiste, Art Instructor, Pequot Lakes, MN

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What is a Flipped Classroom?

In the flipped classroom, students watch lectures, and or instruction videos outside of class, so that during class the Instructor can spend more time working one on one, or in small groups with students on really tough concepts, or higher order thinking skills.


How would my students watch these videos?

Schoology https://www.schoology.com/home.php

Edmodo https://www.edmodo.com/

Moodle (May have to be a Google School)? http://moodle.isd186.org/my/

If your students are going to watch videos at home, they need a device and access to the internet. If this isn't an option for all of your students, you can modify how you flip, by letting some students put videos on USB sticks, or students can view the videos at school.

If they watch at school, why do it? Differentiation & Student Choice

**My Students watch the videos, during their study hall / enrichment class, at home, or some watch in class (I do not require them to watch at home at this point, but they know if they watch during study hall time, they get more work time in class, so most do)

How would I make these videos?


iPad (don't need fancy equipment)

Document Camera (if takes video)

Upload to youtube or vimeo, link to your online classroom (schoology, edmodo, moodle)

Do I want to do this long term, or for next week? (I made quick ones now) When you give lessons, it isn't overly scripted, so in your videos, be casual, like you would in a lesson, no need to be perfect.

I upload my videos from my ipad right to my own personal youtube account, then I place a link to the video in my moodle classroom. Students can watch the video right in moodle without going to youtube, but I still own the video if I loose access to my moodle.

Curriculum Money? (Instead of textbook)

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This sounds like A LOT of work, why would I do this?

This really works well for a few things we all wish we could do for our students all of the time:

1. Allows easier access to resources to allow for more student choice

2. Creates big opportunities for Differentiation

3. Allows us more in class time to work directly with students

4. Lets students do the more passive part of learning at home (rather than having homework they may not know how to do, parents would just help them view the lecture)

5. If students do not understand the concept, or were distracted during the lecture, they can rewind and watch it again (people learn at different paces)

How does this work with choice Based Art or TAB?

My students have to go through a certain amount of how to or skill based assignments in moodle that everyone is required to complete, but there are also other videos about building videos games, coding, 123D creature, how to airbrush, how to woodburn, ect...My Students get Genius Hour Time, and these videos come in really handy. Once they are ready to start their Genius Hour, they watch the video, then meet with me before they start.

I used to struggle with how they would find info for their finished masterpieces they create during Genius Hour Time, now I have a lot of the info. ready for them.

These videos and resources on moodle make choice based art or TAB even easier in my classes. In addition to information posted around the room, they can watch instructional videos on moodle, or re-watch them if I went over it in a mini lesson. This means students don't spend much time waiting for me, The room, the videos and I are all acting as Teacher at the same time.


T.A.B. (Teaching for Artistic Behavior)

Outside of the Art room some other subjects are doing things similar to T.A.B. with student choice, and they are called: Genius Hour, or 20% Time (incase you discuss student choice with educators other than art educators, you can translate terminology)

Here is a link to the T.A.B. website: http://teachingforartisticbehavior.org/

Resources for you...

Here are some ways to stay connected with what's happening with flipped classrooms and Choice Based Art or TAB...

1. https://twitter.com/ TWITTER

2. #flippedlearning (hashtag to follow on twitter for flipped class)

3. @iansands (art Educator uses TAB)

4. @twoducks (TAB author)

5.@JoyKirr (English Teacher, that does Genius Hour Student Designed Projects on twitter)

6. #geniushour (hashtag to follow on twitter for choice based learning)

7. @mssackstein (not directly related, but she does a great job with SBG and self guided learning, helps me with the assessing of all of this)

8. #TABchat (Hashtag to follow for Choice Based Art on Twitter)


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