Suzuki Planet: January 2015

Be The Change

Mission, Vision, Values

Our Motto is "Be the Change".

Our Vision for David Suzuki Secondary School is to develop a collaborative community of individuals who are continually evolving to become environmental stewards capable of taking action to better the world.

Our Mission as a school community is to create a safe learning environment where all students learn to respect each other, their community and the planet. We do this by providing diverse learning opportunities that involve students, staff, parents and the community so that students can become productive lifelong learners.

Our Values include: Honesty, Responsibility, Respect, Empathy.

DSSS 2014 2015 Intro

Suzuki students value the health of their environment.

Literacy, Numeracy, Science, Technology and core values of Caring and Responsibility all come together in many of our environmental projects. Have a peek at some of the highlights of a semester of environmental responsibility:

Arts Night At Suzuki!

Amazing talent, technique and technology on display during our Arts Night! We are so impressed with the perseverance of our students, pulling off this event so successfully even after the weather meant a postponement. See more:

Suzuki Values

On top of the curriculum, we also teach values every day. View highlights of our culture of caring here:

Our Holiday Talent Show

Great fun, great talent on display on the last day before the December break at Suzuki. Have a peek at a short video of a few of the teacher & student clips:

Our Online Community

Twitter: Follow the school at @DavidSuzukiSS for updates.

Web: Our webpage has lot of useful information. View it here.

Instagram: We are using Instagram as a tool to help build a caring, compassionate community through our Faces of Suzuki project. @FacesOfSuzuki

Leading the way

Do you think of Suzuki as a model school? CWF does. At the beginning of the semester, they published a four page article in their national magazine, WILD, designed to inspire classes from other schools across Canada to follow the David Suzuki SS example!

Read more here.