Connecting Themes to Literature

Brandon Lamp

The First Connection-Power

Power in the Diary of Beowulf

July 19th, 501AD

Today I, Beowulf, will defeat the monster Grendel. I am prepared to defeat this beast who has been causing havoc among Hrothgar’s men. I am going to tear this beast's limbs off for the murder of those 30 men. No one, man or demon, can get away with such a massacre, not as long as I live. I have brought 14 of the best Geats to accompany me on this quest. We will get vengeance for Hrothgar, a noble man indeed. We are traveling as fast as possible, cutting through these waves as a bird does in the air. I plan to destroy this evil that has affected the friend of our nation. I will not even need to use my weapon, for I am the most powerful of soldiers and will use this opportunity to show true power. I will rip the beast Grendel’s limbs off or die trying, that I will promise.

Jan 16, 510AD

I have just endured a very physically straining battle in the depths of water. Today I have defeated the mother of the beast Grendel. I had to go deep underwater just to find the beast. The water was bright, such as a flame in the night. It was also very warm. As I reached the bottom I engaged in battle with the monster, she came out very strong and skilled in the beginning. But I was not phased, I powered through her wicked ways. Although she had used her power to dull my blade, I had found another way around it. At the time I was worried because I was in need of a weapon, and there it was, the blade of a giant on the wall. This blade was way to large for the likes of any normal man, but I am no normal man. I am powerful, not one to be messed with. I picked the sword up using my night and lifted it above my head. Then with the mightiest of swings I beheaded that demon. I have now brought back the demon’s head as proof and a token of my victory.

May 11, 560AD

On this day I will endure my greatest feat of all time. Today I will engage in my last battle, with a treacherous beast that has come upon my land. I will go into with one of the mightiest of beasts, a dragon. I will go into battle alone for it is my duty to protect my people and I am the only person capable of such a mission. I am not ashamed to use armor and weapons against this beast because it has the ability to breath fire and fly. I plan to endure some attacks of the dragon and allow it to think it is winning before I destroy this beast and take the fame of being the mighty man, Beowulf, who single-handedly defeated a dragon.

Connection to power.

In the first diary entry, Beowulf is describing how he will use his brute force in order to slay a beast that has killed 30 men and is terrorizing the area. The fact that he is confident enough to use his strength with no weapon shows how truly powerful of a man he is. In the second diary entry Beowulf is describing his victory over Grendel’s mother. He talks of how he powers through her opening attacks and finds the strength to use the blade of a giant. He also talks of how men could not lift the blade, but he was able to. He shows true power as well when saying he lifts it above his head before cutting off the head of Grendel's mother. Lastly, in the last entry Beowulf is talking of how he is about to go into battle with a mighty dragon. It has been 50 years since his battle with Grendel's mother, but he still plans to go alone. He believes he is the only man powerful enough to endure such a task and that he can defeat it alone. All of these traits show Beowulf's true power and how he knew he was a powerful man too.

Second Connection-Loyalty

Loyalty Ballad

A dragon had came to the land,

Beowulf would fight it alone.

The battle would go just as planned

Not a sight of fear he had shown

He had awakened the beast

He swung his mighty sword quickly

The sword broke but cut at least

His weapon had failed, making him sickly.

Beowulf stood engulfed in Flame.

Almost all of his men fled,

To his rescue only one man came.

Wiglaf helped slay the beast dead.

When all others had gone away

Wiglaf was loyal to his king

Although Beowulf was not okay

He would be with god, his king.

Reflection: I believe I used loyalty very well in my balled when describing how Wiglaf stayed loyal as a comrade and warrior of Beowulf. I also think I had a nice ending describing how God was the king of Beowulf showing how he was still loyal to God. Lastly I believe I did very well when rhyming in my ballad. I could have done better counting syllables but found it challenging when trying to complete quickly. I also could have discussed what Wiglaf had done to help, like jumping through the flame. Next i will probably try a creative piece such as a drawing.

Third Connection-Leaders(Heroes)

I drew this knight from Canterbury Tales as a symbol of leadership. Knights are known to be noble, hero-like, soldiers from mid-evil times. The knight also wears a cape, which to some nations was a sign of leadership among the knights. Not all knights in the past wore capes, it tends to be knights of wealth and leadership.

I thought I did well drawing the knight and spent a longer time drawing the helmet. I also think I connected the knight to being a hero figure well too. I would like to have added more color to the drawing but did not have any available at the time.

The Drawing