India Immigrants

Push factors from India to Minnesota

In India they have low resources, not enough jobs to cover the population, and there is crowding so many big family's live in very small homes.

Pull factors to Minnesota

In Minnesota there is more safety, jobs, money, strong economy, good education and a thriving civic and cultural life.

Ravensteins laws of migration

~Migrants traveling long distances settle in urban areas

~Most migration if from rural to urban

~Most migrants are 20-34

~There is a lot of counter flow

Where do people live in Minnesota and what do they do for jobs

There are 29,000 people from India in Minnesota and a majority of them live in St. Paul and some other urban areas. Most came to support there family's with jobs that pay well and have branches of firms. They also came to get a better education so they could get better jobs.


Some issues are getting green cards and a major problem is when some people expect to move here and get a job they don't think about the fact they might have to get a better education to get a job and some can not afford it.
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