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September 2016 Calendar

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Principal's Message

Welcome Back to all our returning students and families! A special welcome to all our new students and families. We are eagerly awaiting our Meet your Teacher evening Tuesday September 6 for families of Grades 1-4 students.

Please note of the following times:

5:00-5:15 NEW families to Elmdale have access to their child's classroom.

5:15-6:00 Returning families arrive and have access to their child's classroom.

5:20-5:30 NEW Families information session with Mr. Campbell.

Kindergarten families have received your Meet Your Teacher one hour appointment time for September 7 or 8.

Thank you and we will see you soon,

Mr. Colin Campbell

Principal: Elmdale School

Email: ccampbell@hsd.ca

Twitter: @elmdalehsd


Parent Parking

Located in our main parking lot on the North side of our school, we have our Family Parking lot. This is where all families park to pick up and drop off children. Parents must walk their child from their vehicle to the school playground. Please be aware that at these pick up and drop off times, we have school busses that enter and exit the school parking lot.

Bus Times, Routes & Address Changes

Please check our website for the bus pick up times and location near your house.
If your address has changed, please call transportation at 204-320-2347 to make sure that your children are riding the correct bus to and from school.

Come Meet Your Teacher!

Tuesday, September 6, 2016 for Grades 1-4

5:00-5:15pm: New Families to Elmdale

5:20-5:30pm: New Family Orientation with School Principal in the school library.

5:15-6:00pm: Returning Families to Elmdale

You and your child are invited to meet your child's teacher. Please come and say hello, pick up a student agenda and student registration form, and drop off your school supplies.

We look forward to meeting everyone!

PrinciPal & Bucket Filling Field Trips

We are excited to continue our PrinciPal awards that foster and celebrate positive character traits each week. We are equally excited that for this school year, our Bucket Filling Field trips with Mr. Campbell will take us to Providence College. The College athletes will be working with our students in their gym on various fun and physically healthy activities.

Elmdale Staff 2016-2017 School Year

Colin Campbell Principal

Marge Thiessen Resource Dept. & Acting Principal

Wanda Hiebert Head Secretary

Trish Broesky Asst. Secretary

Angie Penner School Librarian

Nichelle Doerksen KamD

Tammy Klassen KamK

Susanne Penner KpmP

Lyndsey Engel Grade 1E

Connie Johnson Grade 1J

Jennifer Mutter Grade 1M

Melissa Fry Grade 2F

Darlene Remple Grade 2R

Cheri Thiessen Grade 2T

Gavin Barkman Grade 3B

Jo-Anne Giesbrecht Grade 3G

Darnell Thiessen Grade 3T

Bethany Dueck Grade 4D

Mike Martens Grade 4M

Louise Redekop Music

Rod Thiessen Phys-Ed

Pamela Reimer Literacy Support Teacher

Wendy Thiessen Reading Recovery Teacher

Kelvin Johnson Head Custodian

Debra Schellenberg Assistant Custodian

Trish Broesky E.A.

Audrey Friesen E.A.

Lita Hornan E.A.

Adeline Koop E.A.

Rachel Loewen E.A.

Elaine Penner E.A.

Linda Reimer E.A.

Isabel Vogt E.A.

Anita Wiens E.A.

Michelle Friesen E.A.

Brooke Rooney E.A.

THANK YOU Volunteers!!

Even if you volunteer for 30 minutes in our school, we appreciate the time that you have spent with us. Your partnership is vitally important to the development of our students (your children) at school.

If you are interested in volunteering at Elmdale School, please ask your child's teacher for the appropriate forms.

Thank You Elmdale Parent Council

A special thank you to all the members of our Parent Council. The staff and students at Elmdale are very thankful for all you do to support our school. Everything from counting pizza money to arranging school fundraisers. Thank you for taking the time to support our school.
NEW Parent Council Members Needed

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"Soup's On" School Lunches

"Soup's On" provides daily school lunches to families in need. It can be started and stopped as needed. Contact our Resource Teacher Ms. Marge Thiessen (mthiessen@hsd.ca) or your child's teacher via agenda book to register your child.

Student Accident Insurance