Poppin' Bottles!

A Weekly Hangout to Share Essential Oil Experiences

Welcome to the World of dōTERRA Essential Oils :o)

Join us every week as we discuss the many ways to use and try these incredibly delicious, beyond organic, certified pure therapeutic grade plant-based oils!

It seems like people need some help navigating the innumerable uses for essential oils, so we like to gather together to discuss the safety and different protocols for common ailments. This hangout is here to help you experience the truly remarkable benefits of therapeutic grade essential oils. Support your body in healthier living like aiding in better sleep, curbing food cravings, boosting your immune system, help dealing with aches and pains and re-energizing your life!

This hangout is open to all, whether you're a seasoned oil user or don't even know what an essential oil is! Come try out the beautiful aromas of these amazing oils :o)

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Wellness Advocate Meeting

Tuesday, April 14th, 12-2pm




This is no crazy diet! This is the knowledge and tools you need to understand your body and give it what it needs to maintain a healthy lifestyle :o)

Welcome to the world of dōTERRA! Since opening in April 2008, we have made a major name for ourselves as the leading natural solutions company in the healthcare industry, providing essential oils and supplements to combat every day health problems without breaking the bank. The integrity behind our product and heart behind our mission has catapulted us to the very top! Check our our mission statement here and you'll be sure to understand how we've become a billion dollar company in just 7 years!

Join the revolution and become your own family physician. Learn how to save money while maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and even how to make some extra income doing it!

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*Bring a guest to any of our Intro to Oils meet-ups and receive a FREE SAMPLE!

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Big Fish Wellness - We Care

Big Fish Wellness is founded by Monique Edgar with support from her sister Brittany and mother Diane. Along with the help of her great friends and family, Big Fish has set up a community organization with a goal of changing the perspective on healthcare. With a passion for opening peoples minds to greater (and healthier!) physical, mental and emotional possibilities, we've helped over one hundred people make profound positive changes in their lives. Not too bad for our first year on the map! Our business is exponentially growing, and we'd like to thank you all for your support and the courage to make a change. Cheers to you!