Tech Tuesday! January 12th

Tech tips to keep you informed

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App of the week - Shadow Puppet Edu

Major props to our flipping colleague Dave Walsh for showing me this one. This is the easiest way to create a video that I have seen yet. Use pictures and videos that you have already or search within the app. Potential drawback - it's only on iPhones right now. But that shouldn't stop you - most classes have a few iphone owners. I spent 10 minutes making the below video (in which I forgot its Mrs. Introcaso not Charlton, put Mr. Fieldman and Mr. Kulpa in the same category as David Bowie, and said uhh way too much). This is the definition of tech making life easier and redefining what you can do in a classroom. Note that this app is developed by the same company as Seesaw, a digital portfolio app (that works on Chromebooks!). Try it and let me and/or Dave know what you think!

FMOT (Follow me on Twitter)

#collstech - I had almost forgotten that I started hashtagging things last summer with this phrase. Every time I see something that might be valuable to some of you, I try to tweet it with the #collstech hashtag. If you are using Tweetdeck, set up a column and follow along. If you see something valuable to the greater school community, tweet it with #collstech so everybody can see it.

Also Follow @Edcampgs for update on our EdCamp Garden State event on 4/30!

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Slack - Making Communication Fun

Why haven't you signed up yet?? Easy, fun and way better than Email.
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Reminder - EdCamp Garden State!

Our registration is live now! Sign up for what should be one of the best days of PD in New Jersey in all of 2016!