Ms. Daisy's Classroom News

September 25, 2015

We had a fun-filled week!

  • We continued learning about the farm. We read books, made farmers hats, played Duck Duck Goose and played with corn.
  • Picture day was a big success! The students all looked very pretty and handsome! They did a great job smiling for the camera!
  • In language group we worked on positional terms (in front, behind, beside, over, under, etc). We worked on naming as well as demonstrating them.
  • I finally got out our scissors this week and the students were super excited! We cut out our farmers hats (some students got help from a teacher) and cut on lines. As we work on cutting, the students will have opportunities to work on fun projects and self selected activities as well as receiving direct instruction in cutting.

Morning Class Farmers!

Big image

Afternoon Class Farmers!

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Working on our cutting skills!

Playing Duck Duck Goose with Ms. Becky's Class

Farm Fun In Our Classroom!

Mark Your Calendar

  • October 13 & 15 - Parent Conferences/Book Fair
  • October 15 - Meet Me at the ECC-Stellaluna Puppet Show (info to come)
  • October 16 - No School
  • October 20 - Parent Parliament Meeting
  • October 30 - Fall Parties

Next week:

  • We will continue learning about the farm.
  • We meet Mimi Mermaid and the letter M.
  • Watch for information about Parent Teacher Conferences!