Northeast Region

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The Northeast is our home. It is a melting pot and rocky place. Our culture has a lot of seafood! Like you can find it in the oceans. Seafood is the #1 food in the Northeast Region. Dr. James Naismith invented Basketball in1891. People from different contents came to America they are called Immigrants.

Other Northeast facts

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One of the landmarks is Hershey park this is a chocolate factory and has park it is where Hershey chocolate bars are Made. Also in New York there is the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building. The Statue of Liberty is located on Liberty Island.



There is long,cold and snowy winters and hot summers in the Northeast. The Region is located halfway between the Northpole and the Equater is the Northeast. The living things in the Northeast have learned to adapt to the cold winters and the hot summers. Even people in the Northeast can adapt to the cold winters and the hot summers in the Northeast. Thais is the climat and n the Northeast.

Land and Water

There are 5 Great Lakes in the Northeast and one of them is the Erie Canal.Erie Canal was dug to connected two Great Lakes. The Mount Washinton is the highest peak in the Northeast. The Major bodies of the water boarding of the Northeast are Atlantic Ocean And two Great Lakes are called Lake Ontario and Lake Erie form part of the boarder of the Northeast region. Lake Erie is beautiful when it's sunset is looks fabulous.

Products and Natural Resoursces

Cranberries come from the cranberry bogs in providence Massachusetts. Back then people from other states used cranberries as medicine and people in the northeast use cranberries as juice. Blueberry picking on in the Northeast is really fun because you get to get fresh blueberries. Seafood is the #1 popular food to eat in the Northeast.The Northeast has granite,marble,and coal they use the coal for fires. And they use the marble for counter tops and tile. We use granite for counter tops and tables.

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