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Star Volunteer: Joseph Warlick Whitwell

Outdoors and Athletics Mentor: Joseph Warlick Whitwell

Joseph Warlick Whitwell is an accomplished athlete himself, having completed triathlons, an ultramarathon, and a rigorous swim from Alcatraz Island into the San Francisco Bay. But Joseph Warlick Whitwell can also be counted upon to deliver great lessons in athletics to young people. As a volunteer ski instructor working with Camp Sunshine, Joseph Warlick Whitwell offered ski instructions to children with serious illnesses. The campers reported that Joseph Warlick Whitwell was an incredibly helpful instructor.

Joseph Warlick Whitwell a Strong Mentor

Members of Joseph Warlick Whitwell’s business community report that they have a strong friend, ally, and mentor in Joseph Warlick Whitwell. Joseph Warlick Whitwell has been working in business for many years, across a wide variety of industries. Because of this, Joseph Warlick Whitwell’s fellow business community members know that they can count on him for advice and guidance on anything they may need to discuss with a trusted mentor and friend.

Joseph Warlick Whitwell is proud to provide counsel to the younger members of his community. Indeed, Joseph Warlick Whitwell himself will readily admit that mentorship within his community is just one of the things that helped him to become the man he is today.

As a young man with an exciting new company, Joseph Warlick Whitwell looked to more established colleagues within the business community whenever he had questions about how to implement business strategy or even if he had new ideas and just needed a second opinion. Whether meeting for lunch, talking through a problem, or facing a new challenge together, Joseph Warlick Whitwell and his mentors learned much from each other. Now that Joseph Warlick Whitwell is an established and widely respected pillar of his business community, he is very pleased to assist those new to business and is seen as a real leader.

As a man who has lived in his community for many years and relies on word of mouth to run his successful businesses, Joseph Warlick Whitwell is well-versed in his community, even outside of his businesses, so he often has the inside scoop when it comes to what his fellow Suwanee residents may be needing, in terms of new products or businesses in the area. Joseph Warlick Whitwell has also maintained several successful businesses in the area, so his young mentees know that they are in good hands when they sit down for an informational interview with Joseph Warlick Whitwell.

Joseph Warlick Whitwell’s Top Three Ideas for Volunteering Opportunities

As an active volunteer at a variety of different organizations and charities, Joseph Warlick Whitwell has come up with a list of his favorite places to give his time and energy to. These are causes and people he truly considers important for the betterment of the country and the world. Here are the places that are lucky enough to call Joseph Warlick Whitwell one of their star volunteers:

1. Charities and summer camps for children experiencing illness or with special needs. Having long worked for a number of groups that work with children with severe illnesses and special needs, Joseph Warlick Whitwell understands how important this work is. It is Joseph Warlick Whitwell’s steadfast belief that adults should stand up for and protect children. Joseph Warlick Whitwell believes especially in the value of adults working to improve the lives of children who have grown up in disadvantaged situations. An example of Joseph Warlick Whitwell’s work with children is his unflagging dedication to Camp Sunshine, for children with cancer.

2. Counseling programs and resources for families. Joseph Warlick Whitwell is a strong advocate for programs that foster strong families and promote mental health. To this end, Joseph Warlick Whitwell supports organizations like Covenant Counseling and Family Resources Center, which support families in need. The Center is proud to call Joseph Warlick Whitwell a donor and has even received pro bono landscaping help from Joseph Warlick Whitwell, enjoying his expertise in design for their facilities. Indeed, one of the leaders at Covenant Counseling and Family Resources Center remarked upon Joseph Warlick Whitwell’s dedication as a supporter of their work. She went on to describe Joseph Warlick Whitwell as a kind and considerate ally.

3. Sporting events for a good cause. Joseph Warlick Whitwell especially enjoys sporting events that raise money or awareness for a good cause, such as the Race Across America.

An Advocate for Those Affected by HIV/AIDS: Joseph Warlick Whitwell

Among the causes that Joseph Warlick Whitwell is proud to support is the work of advocacy group Living Room, which assists homeless people who are also suffering from HIV/AIDS. As a supporter of Living Room, Joseph Warlick Whitwell has helped to provide funds for homeless people living with HIV/AIDS to access emergency housing. Living Room also counts on Joseph Warlick Whitwell to help prevent people suffering from HIV/AIDS from becoming homeless in the first place. Joseph Warlick Whitwell’s contributions to Living Room also provided housing programs for HIV patients, as well as services for patients with special needs and programs to help the formerly homeless become financially independent.

Joseph Warlick Whitwell is proud to support an organization like Living Room and his support of Living Room and other organizations shows that Joseph Warlick Whitwell values a wide variety of charitable causes. Joseph Warlick Whitwell strongly believes in the importance of helping those less fortunate than himself. Joseph Warlick Whitwell envisions a world without homelessness and the debilitating diseases that affect the people serviced by the charities that are happy to count Joseph Warlick Whitwell as a member. Joseph Warlick Whitwell hopes to be an example to others. Through using his hard-earned money to aid those who are struggling, Joseph Warlick Whitwell hopes that those who share in his good fortune will see his charitable actions as an example to support organizations like Living Room.

Joseph Warlick Whitwell loves to volunteer for charitable organizations he admires. But when he can’t, Joseph Warlick Whitwell sees providing organizations like Living Room with much-needed funds as one way to do his part so that others can provide life- and dignity-saving services to the people who need them most. As a longtime supporter of charitable causes, whether financially or through his time and effort, Joseph Warlick Whitwell sets a powerful example of what good can come from helping out in one’s community.

Joseph Warlick Whitwell’s High-End Landscaping Company

In the past two years, Joseph Whitwell has been excited and gratified to see one of his many businesses truly take off. After running a successful insurance business, Joseph Warlick Whitwell decided to try his hand at a landscaping company. With this decision, Joseph Warlick Whitwell founded Whitwell Landscaping.

Just within the first two years of founding Whitwell Landscaping, Joseph Warlick Whitwell was extremely happy to see the company thriving. Joseph Warlick Whitwell is someone that members of his close-knit community can truly rely upon for quality landscaping assistance and design. This support has led to much success for Joseph Warlick Whitwell, who is proud to say that Whitwell Landscaping is now a go-to resource for community members looking for their various landscaping needs, including drainage, design, installation, tree removal, and lawn maintenance. Joseph Warlick Whitwell is proud to offer his customers competitive rates for all of these services. Joseph Warlick Whitwell hopes to make beautiful and practical landscaping available to anyone, no matter how big or small their budget may be.

The best part is how satisfied the customers are with Joseph Warlick Whitwell’s customer service and follow-through. Joseph Warlick Whitwell is happy to report that his company has developed a loyal following of satisfied customers in its first few years of operation, no small accomplishment for a new independently owned business. Clients feel that they can count on Joseph Warlick Whitwell for reasonably priced landscaping services that more than meet their expectations, as well as strong professionalism and customer service from Joseph Warlick Whitwell and his staff. The company has received rave reviews from customers, reports Joseph Warlick Whitwell, which is inspiring. In fact, Joseph Warlick Whitwell is excited to expand his client base as Whitwell Landscaping grows beyond its first two years. Joseph Warlick Whitwell hopes to share his landscaping expertise and forge new connections throughout his community. The best is yet to come, says Joseph Warlick Whitwell.

Joseph Warlick Whitwell’s Top Three Athletic Accomplishments

For Joseph Warlick Whitwell, exercise and competing in athletic events -- whether running, riding his bicycle, swimming in chilly bodies of water, or combining all three -- are just part of his everyday life. Joseph Warlick Whitwell is so dedicated to sports that he received a full-ride scholarship for college based on his athletic performance. Here, Joseph Warlick Whitwell explains his proudest athletic accomplishments.

1. Going to Beijing as a triathlon competitor. Because Joseph Warlick Whitwell finds traveling so thrilling and fun, and given that Joseph Warlick Whitwell is also a very serious athlete, getting the chance to combine a traveling adventure and tough competition was a real treat for Joseph Warlick Whitwell. Going to Beijing was an exciting trip, explains Joseph Warlick Whitwell. It’s exciting to be at the top of your game in a new environment, says Joseph Warlick Whitwell. Joseph Warlick Whitwell explains that he learned a great deal about athleticism from his competitors and loved exploring Beijing.

2. Joseph Warlick Whitwell very much enjoyed biking in the Spin for Kids Fifty Mile Bike Ride as a second-time competitor. Joseph Warlick Whitwell reports that he was able to remember the course very well and was able to improve upon his time from the first time around. For Joseph Warlick Whitwell, the chance to improve upon a previous athletic performance is very rewarding.

3. Joseph Warlick Whitwell is very proud to have swum from Alcatraz Island in the cold water of the San Francisco Bay. It was very cold, explains Joseph Warlick Whitwell, which made swimming difficult, and the wind was really picking up. Still, Joseph Warlick Whitwell persevered and, though it was a difficult swim, Joseph Warlick Whitwell counts it among his most treasured memories. Joseph Warlick Whitwell is always prepared and excited to face an obstacle and the Alcatraz swim, explains Joseph Warlick Whitwell, was just another race.

Joseph Warlick Whitwell: A Proud Georgia Resident

Joseph Warlick Whitwell is proud to call himself a resident of the state of Georgia.Georgia is not only where Joseph Warlick Whitwell went to college on an athletic scholarship, but it is also where Joseph Warlick Whitwell currently lives, in the town of Suwanne. It is also where Joseph Warlick Whitwell pursues his philanthropic and volunteer work within various communities throughout the state.

As a college student at Georgia State University, Joseph Warlick Whitwell began to understand why Georgia was the right place for him. He found that it was full of many useful educational opportunities, exciting athletic events, and a beautiful landscape that Joseph Warlick Whitwell truly believes he has yet to find anywhere else.

It was through his appreciation of the picturesque Georgia landscape that Joseph Warlick Whitwell realized that landscaping was the field for him. Surrounded by the beauty of his state, Joseph Warlick Whitwell was overcome with the desire to plant more species native to Georgia. Joseph Warlick Whitwell also sought to create designed environments as beautiful as the natural landscape that Joseph Warlick Whitwell was continually struck by in his beloved state.

Now a successful professional, Joseph Warlick Whitwell remains a satisfied and proud resident of Georgia. Not only is it a fruitful and exciting place to run a landscaping business, but Joseph Warlick Whitwell has also found the state to be full of activities in line with Joseph Warlick Whitwell’s interests and values. For example, Camp Sunshine, Joseph Warlick Whitwell’s favorite place to volunteer, is very close to where he lives, allowing Joseph Warlick Whitwell, a busy professional, to make time for stewardship and volunteerism. Joseph Warlick Whitwell finds Georgia to be a wonderful place to live and to work hard to make the world a better place. Joseph Warlick Whitwell loves nothing more than giving back to his beloved state in exchange for the opportunities it has afforded him.

Top Three Things Joseph Warlick Whitwell Loves About Triathlons

Completing a triathlon is an incredibly challenging thing to do, but Joseph Warlick Whitwell is among those who have completed a triathlon several times. Starting with his early years in high school and gradually honing his skills to complete an ultramarathon, Joseph Warlick Whitwell has learned a lot over the years about what it takes to complete an event such as this. All too often, triathlon coverage focuses on the difficulty of the event. Here, Joseph Warlick Whitwell explains what he likes best about competing in these events.

1. It’s a great way to get into and stay in shape. Joseph Warlick Whitwell maintains a strict exercise regimen of running, swimming, and biking in order to stay in shape to compete in triathlons. It’s something Joseph Warlick Whitwell would like to do anyway, but having a training schedule, says Joseph Warlick Whitwell, is what keeps him honest. It ensures that he’s in optimum shape all the time, explains Joseph Warlick Whitwell.

2. Believe it or not, there’s strategy. Joseph Warlick Whitwell pulls back the veil on something people who do not compete in triathlons likely do not know. Once a runner has completed a triathlon or two, says Joseph Warlick Whitwell, he or she can gradually come up with strategies to improve with every race. It’s exciting to have the chance to work hard to perform at one’s best, says Joseph Warlick Whitwell. It’s also a great opportunity to get into peak condition, says Joseph Warlick Whitwell, and this can even lead to success in other athletic endeavors.

3. It’s better exercise than only participating in a single sport. Biking, running, and swimming work on different muscle groups in the human body, explains Joseph Warlick Whitwell. With only one, you get one particular result, but with all three, you get a more balanced workout overall, explains Joseph Warlick Whitwell.

Joseph Warlick Whitwell’s Guide to Fundraising

Having raised significant sums of money for his favorite deserving causes, Joseph Warlick Whitwell is a great resource for anyone just getting their feet wet in the world of fundraising. Here, Joseph Warlick Whitwell shares a few useful ideas for making connections and gaining support from friends and family for the causes that matter to you.

Don’t be afraid to use social media, says Joseph Warlick Whitwell. Though most of Joseph Warlick Whitwell’s business success comes from word-of-mouth, he says that many of his fellow fundraiser participants use electronic resources, like Kickstarter and Facebook. Joseph Warlick Whitwell reports that these networks can help new fundraisers to easily connect with potential donors, to spread the word about worthy causes, and to solicit sponsorship when participating in a fundraising event.

Joseph Warlick Whitwell’s next key tip should come as no surprise: don’t be afraid to ask for support, says Joseph Warlick Whitwell. You can ask anyone, says Joseph Warlick Whitwell, from your neighbors to your relatives, from the barista you see every day at the coffee shop to elected officials. The worst they can do is say no, explains Joseph Warlick Whitwell, so it’s worth the risk. And more often than not, adds Joseph Warlick Whitwell, they will say yes. The secret is that most people love to give to charitable causes, says Joseph Warlick Whitwell. Oftentimes, they just don’t know how. Asking for donations is one great way to get people excited about making a difference, says Joseph Warlick Whitwell.

Finally, Joseph Warlick Whitwell encourages those who are new to fundraising to find a way of fundraising that feels natural and fun. For Joseph Warlick Whitwell, this is often through being sponsored to complete a rigorous athletic event, but for others, says Joseph Warlick Whitwell, it could be anything from a school bake sale to a benefit concert. Just take what you’re good at already, says Joseph Warlick Whitwell, and use it to make a difference.

Joseph Warlick Whitwell on Running a Small Business

Many people dream of running a small business of their very own, but many are intimidated by the process of setting up a small business venture that may fail. But Joseph Warlick Whitwell says that, while this is always a possibility in business, it isn’t a guaranteed outcome and people shouldn’t be afraid to take the leap into running a small business. With these tips for setting up a new small business, Joseph Warlick Whitwell lays the foundation for anyone to try their hand at becoming a successful entrepreneur.

The first step towards creating a successful new business, says Joseph Warlick Whitwell, is to pursue your new business in a field you love, providing a service you really care about. For Joseph Warlick Whitwell, this is landscaping and insurance. Both of these are things Joseph Warlick Whitwell values, so he finds that he always has the energy and dedication to keep his businesses going strong.

Second of all, says Joseph Warlick Whitwell, would-be small business owners must learn to work well with others. This might seem like advice more appropriate for kindergarteners than business professionals, admits Joseph Warlick Whitwell, but it can’t be ignored. As the owner of a small business, you will constantly be coming into contact with clients and coworkers, so people skills are a real plus. Joseph Warlick Whitwell explains that his ability to connect with clients and contractors alike has helped to spread the word to others and build both his client base and professional network. Establishing yourself as a person who treats others well and can be relied upon goes a long way, explains Joseph Warlick Whitwell.

Finally, though it may be uncomfortable, Joseph Warlick Whitwell encourages would-be entrepreneurs to ask for help when they need it. Joseph Warlick Whitwell explains that he would not be the successful business owner he is today without his early mentors in the business community.