A Christmas Carol Background

Alyssa Zachrison

Charles Dickens

Charles Dickens was a very famous book writer. He wrote lots of stories. Dickens wrote books because that's what he loved to do, he could tell people how his life was growing up through his writing. Also, Charles told people how he felt about his life and the way for how he lived.

The Victorian Era

  • The Victorian started in 1837-190.
  • It was very important to our history.
  • This was named this after Queen Victoria.
  • politics were also very important at this time.
  • Charles Dickens grow up in the era.
  • Poverty was going on during this time.

Industrial Revolution

Its important to know about the Industrial Revolution because it changed the worlds history. Without the invention of machines, people would have to do everything by hand it would take a lot long to do. Also, many factories were made. This is how we got all the good.

Child Labor/Poverty

  • Child labor was used when the parents didn't have enough money to pay off debts, so they had to go to work.
  • New factories that was just built that need work used Children for work.
  • Poverty was a big part of the Victorian era.
  • A lot of people were I poverty or they were poor.
  • Dickens family was in poverty because he's dad ( John Dickens) spent all of their money, so the government had Charles work in a factory.