Strength And Conditioning

Michael Skaggs

Description of Profession

A Certified Strength and Conditioning specialist is someone who designs workouts for athletes to get stronger and faster so they can get better at their sport and help the team win.

Certifications Necessary to be a certified strength and conditioning specialist

It requires many hours of study and lots of training methods you can use for the athletes you are training

Educational Requirements

To become an Strength and conditioning specialist you would need you bachelor of science degree exercise science or kinesiology

Income of a Strength and Conditioning Specialist

The bottom 10 percent would make about $17,000 per year

The top 10 percent would make around $63,000 per year

The average amount a person with this job would make $32,000 per year

Skills to be a good Strength and Conditioning Specialist

Great knowledge of exercise fundamentals and be able to teach athletes the right techniques to each lift without them getting injured doing the lift or long term effects on their body.

Practice Setting

Strength and Conditioning Specialist usually work at the collegiate level or professional level training athletes or they could own their own building and train anyone that wants to become a better athlete

Job Outlook

This job is tough with lots of competition out there at the college and professional levels. Many will try to work with assistants that have worked with well known trainers before so that they can get a good reputation.
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