Duties of a Lawyer

By; Devon Carter

To be a lawyer requires a lot of different skills and assets, do you meet those standards?

Being a lawyer requires many different things, the ability to work with all kinds of others, interpret laws, rulings and regulations for individuals and businesses, analyze and evaluate evidence and all possible outcomes and many more things. There is a list of things you must be able to do as a lawyer including representing your client in the best possible way, being an agent, trustee, friend to clients, be able to negotiate civil disputes, being able to present evidence and many more things with those just some of the highlights. You must be able to understand the situation, gather information and be able to problem solve to the best of your ability for the better of you client. More things that are key to being a lawyer include things such as, listening, negotiating, good time management, and of course being able to read and write. Lawyers must be able to react and handle every case and clients differently depending on the sensitivity of the case.
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About the Job

Lawyers have to handle all sorts of different kinds of cases, you must be able to adapt to any kind of case for the better of your client. This job requires a lot of education and training. Including four years of undergraduate study in college and three years of law school. However to handle some types of cases more training and education can be necessary to be assigned to a case.