Jeannie's Origami Owl Launch Party

The Secret is Out!!!

Well it is time for me to share my secret with all of you. I am officially launching my Origami Owl business this week.

Since we moved here to Texas, we have missed our Florida friends and family and I wanted a chance to share this with all of you and have an opportunity to be your Independent Designer with Origami Owl.

Origami Owl
gives you the opportunity to tell your own story by customizing your very own locket with charms, dangles, birthstones or tags that have meaning to you and can help you convey your personal story.

Jeannie's Origami Owl Launch Party

Monday, Aug. 12th 2013 at 7pm

This is an online event.

The party will be online and run from Monday August 12th to Friday August 30th.

Goto my website and take a look!

Build your Living Locket, choose your charms or other accessories to go along with it! The order will be sent directly to you. You will be asked to create an account at the time of checkout. Add the order to the "Jeannie's On-line Launch Party".

Everyone that places an order will receive 1 free charm! Please email me with the selected charm at and I will send it to you!

For all my Texas friends, I will be having a Jewelry Bar at my home on Sunday August 25th at 6PM. Please let me know if you are interested in coming!

This is the locket that I wear everyday.

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This is the story of my locket.

The charms represent:
  • The Sand Dollar - My Florida roots.
  • The Star - My new Texas beginnings.
  • Family Heart - The importance of my direct and extended family.
  • The Letter J - well hello... ME!
  • The Faith Plate - A reminder of what keeps me centered.
  • The Cross Dangle - The sacrifices that were made.
  • The Bling -Who doesn't love a little bling?

Every Locket Tells A Story. What Is Your Story?

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