Middle East and Islam Today

By Caroline Pawl and Caitlin Warren

Terrorist Attacks in Kenya

Over the years, there have been many terrorist attacks in Kenya. Al- Shabaab separated non Muslims from Muslims and killed 36 non Muslims in 2014. Earlier that year, Islamist militants ambushed a bus killed 28 people who couldn't quote Quran verses. In April, Garissa University College was attacked, and 147 people were killed by Islamist gunmen. They shot and captured students during a morning prayer service, and killed everyone other than their fellow Muslims.

Israel and Palestine

Israelis and Palestinians are still fighting each other today. Both sides committed serious violations of laws of war fighting in the Gaza Strip in 2014. During the fighting at least 2,100 people were killed and about 11,000 citizens were injured. Then fighting has lead to mean problems such as 22,00 homes left uninhabitable, which displaced 108,000 people, and left multiple people without adequate water and electricity. On October 31 in the West Bank Israeli forces shot at least 43 Palestinian civilians which in many circumstances suggested that the killings were unlawful since 11 children were killed in it.

Islamic Women

Women in Islam are allowed and encouraged to seek knowledge just as a man would. Women cannot be forced to marry anyone without their consent, and parents have no right to force husbands on them. They also receive a Mahr, or marriage gift, from their husband. It includes the nuptial contract and the ownership is not transferred to her husband or father. The claims of leadership are not equal between a man and his wife. A woman is allowed to seek the right to end an unsuccessful marriage. Islam in Arab cultures recognize a woman's full person hood. The women are expected to fill the same duties of prayer, faith, worship, almsgiving, fasting, and pilgrimage to Mecca.
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