SKW Words: Parents Helping Too Much

Growth vs. Fixed Mindsets of 21st Century Children

Two Mindsets That Vastly Pave Different Paths

Imagine A Child Failing. So Carelessly That Their Future Is Now Distorted And They Have Given Up On School. Most Parents and Teachers Would Want To Help In This Situation. But Sometimes, It’s The Child's Own Fault For Failing. Either They Didn’t Take Notes, They Didn’t Participate In Review Games, Or They Didn’t Do Their Homework. They All Around Failed In The Basic Duties Of School. They Are Idle At School, Lounging Around And Blocking Out Education. Parents, Some Not Knowing That The Child Could Have Improved This By Trying, And Help Children Unnecessarily. Giving Kids The Answer To Perceptible Questions Creates The Fixed Mindset That They Can’t Do That and Somebody Else Needs To Do It For Them. Parents Willingly Give Up Their Own Times For Spoiling A Child's Independence In Life. Kids Say That Their Parents Have To Help Them Because They Can’t Do That. Not Only, But Also When Kids Cheat In Class and Rely On Others For Knowledge, They Are Just Hindering Their Own Potential To Learn. I Despise The Classmates That Do This.

In Contrast, Another Preferred Mindset Is Growth. This Differs From A Fixed Mindset Because It Implies That With Hard Work, You Are Able To Improve Your Abilities. Most Talents Take Years To Master. We Are Not Born With All the Skills We’ll Ever Need. That’s Why People Work Hard To Learn Things. The Purpose Of Learning Things Is So That We Can Achieve Higher Quality On What We Want To Do In Our Life. However, It Takes A Lot Of Perseverance To Get Better At Things. There Will Always Be Something That Will Get In Your Way And Cause You To Think That This Is Not What You Were Meant To Do.

When Other Peers In School Say “You’re So Smart” To Another Child, This Shows Me That This Kid Thinks That They’re Not Smart, And That They Can’t Change That. The Student Yields To Education In School. They Only Care About Being Noble To Their Anti-School Orientation. Both Student Are Getting The Same Treatment At School, But One Student Is Getting Great Grades At School And The Other One Is Not. This Is Happening Because Certain Kids Actually Care About Their Grades. This Is The Child's Own Choice, To Fly Or Fall. That Is Why So Many 21st Century Children Are Failing Classes. Even In My Own Classes, People Don’t Complete Their Homework. When It Comes Down To The Finals, They Are Overwhelmed Because It Takes A Whole Year To Learn Everything You Have To Learn, Not Just A Week. There Is A Vast Difference Between A Fixed And A Growth Mindset.

Disecting Mindsets: Damaging or Purposeful

According To “Dweck’s Theory of Mindset” Article, A Fixed Mindset Is Defined As “Intelligence is fixed. Challenges are avoided, as to fail suggests that they ‘lack the intelligence’ required. Effort is seen as fruitless- if they don’t ‘get it’ then it suggests that they lack the intelligence. Getting things wrong and receiving feedback is negative- it reveals limitations.” For Example, A Student Might Think That School Is Petty, And That It Is Not Important In Life. School Is First Priority Because This Is How You Succeed In Life. If You Don’t Have An Education, You Really Are Helpless. Looks Like Your Only Job Would Be Flipping Burgers At McDonald’s, Which Is An Inadequate Way To Make Money, Especially Since You Had Other Opportunities.

Most Importantly, Also According To “Dweck’s Theory of Mindset”, A Growth Mindset Is Defined As “Intelligence can be developed. Challenges are embraced as it is believed that they can improve at a task. Effort therefore is seen as worthwhile- a path to mastery. Getting things wrong and receiving feedback is positive- it guides further improvement.” If You Have Conviction, This Means That You Believe That Are Able To Triumph Eventually, Even Though You May Face Some Adversity. Most Things That We Try To Do In Life Are Achievable And Can Be Done. It’s Time We Resolve And Venture Into Our Ambitions, Not Stand Around And Adhere To Dependence On Others.

I'm Telling Ya, They're Failing! Not My Problem!

This Dilemma Is Fixed Mindsets, One Of The Main Difficulties Of School Students Today. Some Children Think That If They Don’t Do Something In Class, At Some Point Someone Will Give Them The Answers. Children Don’t Learn This Way. When It’s Time For Them To Do That Themselves, They Falter And Would Have Claimed That They Knew. They Would’ve Been Complacent About Tests…...Until They Were In A Position Where They Had No Resilience To Return To The Person They Should Have Always Been, A Person Who Has Been Inspired And Taught To Prosper.

This Led To Discovering The Solution. According To Robert Wendover From “Don't Think for Your People: Instead, Help Them Figure it Out!”, Robert States “So rather than feed them the answers to everything, teach them how to figure it out. Then watch your people grow to new heights.” This Means That If You Just Do It For Someone, They Are Not Going To Learn Anything From You. When It Comes Time For The Test, You’re Not Going To Be Able To Hold Their Hand And Guide Them Through It. They Have To Know How To Live On Their Own, Without Having To Call Up A Friend For Help Because They Need Money Or They Don’t Know How To Cook A Meal.

Be Honest, Which One Are You?

The Process Of Developing A Fixed Mindset

  • First, Not Giving A Lot Of Effort

  • Second, Saying “You’re So Smart” To Other People

  • Third, Being Combative When Someone Tries To Help You Improve Something

  • Next, Not Asking or Getting Help For What You Need

  • Finally, Not Wanting To Try To Improve Your Weaknesses

  • Not Long After, Relying On Others For Intelligence

When You Have A Fixed Mindset, You Are Setting Yourself Up For Failure.

The Process Of Developing A Growth Mindset

  • Being Focused And Eager To Learn In Class

  • While Simultaneously, Doing Homework To Absorb The Lesson At Home

  • Doing Corrections To Learn From Mistakes and Extra Credit To Bring Up Grades

  • Always Being A Willing Participant In Class

  • Doing Other Outside Of School Activities

  • Striving To Improve Your Eloquence

When You Have A Growth Mindset, You Are Heading For The Right Future.

Then and Now

Fixed Mindset

Causes: If You Don’t Try In School...

Relying On Others For Intelligence Leads To...

Since You Gave Up In Class...

Effects: As A Result Of Not Trying In School...You Will Fail

An Effect Of Relying On Others For Intelligence Is Not Learning For

You Didn’t Learn Anything Since You Gave Up In Class

Growth Mindset

Causes: As A Result Of Being Focused In Class...

Caused By Being A Willing Participant In Class...

Because Of Striving To Improve Upon Something…

Effects: Therefore You Will Learn More

The Effect Is You Get More Mind Stimulating Work Done

Understanding More Has Been Influenced By Striving To Improve

Perserverance As A Whole: Rocky Terrain

These Videos (In My Opinion) Show That Even Though There Might Be A Hardship Now, There Are Better Things To Come And To Make The Best Of The Situation And Learn From The Experience.

Lindsey Stirling - Take Flight [Official Music Video - YTMAs]


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Hello, I'm Samantha Wigfall

I'm A 13 Year Old Female And This Is A Project For My 7th Grade ELA Class. I Chose To Write About Fixed And Growth Mindsets. Hope You Learned Something From This!