Personal Refelction

This Year


My greatest accomplishment this year outside of the classroom was learning to have more patience. After tearing my ACL I could not walk or do many other things, and i still have to practice waiting for my knee to heal. My injury also is making me think about what i think is important in my life, and what other people think is important to me. I hope that when people look at me they would see someone who is on fire for God, not someone who is on fire for sports or other things. This year I have realized that i have been putting too much of my identity in sports instead of in God.

Improvements in English Class

my greatest improvement in English was learning more about understanding poetry. At the beginning of the year I had trouble understanding the meaning of simple poems. At the end of the year taking a standardized test I realized this had become a strong point for me.

My Fav Book

My favorite book we read this year was The Great Gatsby, because it had an interesting plot and lots of unique symbolism. The book questioned what made people truly happy.

Goals for Next Year

Next year I will try and improve my reading speed. I will do this by reading book very often throughout the school year.