What Can You Do?

Help America in the race to end war raging in Europe

War Bonds!

Buy war bonds, help fund the war effort on the front lines!


Do your part! During rough times like these, our boys over seas need things to keep fighting against Fascism in Europe and the Pacific. Do your part! Rationing makes sure everyone gets their fair share when supplies are limited!


Looking for something to do? Go to your local volunteering office and sign up! Help the USA fight the war from your own town!

Victory Garden

Looking to help? Looking to feel like you have done something to help with the war effort? Consider starting up a Victory Garden, Not only will you have something to do but, you can make a difference! Every garden started reduces the pressure on the public food supply!

United States Office of War Information

Looking for a job? Join the OWI and help keep the civilians and the front lines connected! Work on movies, newspapers, posters and much more! Your job is to keep the United State civilians up to speed with the war effort!
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