Team Tortorello Newsletter

1st Grade Sherwood

Congratulations, 1st Graders!

What a wonderful Sing! You worked so hard and it showed!!

Important Dates

  • November 25 - Book Fair @Barnes & Noble

  • November 25-26 Parent Teacher Conferences 12-8

  • November 27-29 Thanksgiving Break - Happy Thanksgiving!

  • December 11 MAP Testing - Reading

  • December 13 MAP Testing - Math

Book Bags Over Break

Students are bringing home very special book bags today. Inside are 5 or 6 books they can read (on their own or with you) over Thanksgiving Break. Some students may also have a new copy of their sight word books. I know it's busy and many of you might be traveling, so whatever reading you can squeeze in is helpful! These are books from my personal library. Students understand that they should take extra care and bring everything back when they return. If this is successful, I would love if students could "bookshop" and bring books home on a daily basis. Thank you for all your support at home!

Conference Times

I will be sending a confirmation email later today with your conference date and time. If you need to make a last minute change, please let me know.


We've been working with our Ready Gen story, Winner's Choice. Students worked on using the retelling strategy Somebody Wanted But So Then. This is something your child can always create at home. You can do it for any book OR movie. Our phonics focus was the sh- and th- digraphs. We've also been working on long vowel sounds and the different patterns to make turn the short sound into a long sound. We introduced some new center choices. In writing, students wrote about what they are thankful for. This will be shared at your child's conference.


We are now moving into more addition and subtraction equations. Students are working with word problems, writing equations and showing how they arrive at an answer. In number corner, we worked with fractions (whole, half, fourth). We've bene talking about telling time and looked at analog and digital clocks. Each day we review our schedule and discuss AM and PM.

Questions to Ask Your Child

  • What words start with sh-? th-? Can you separate them into short vowel sounds and long vowel sounds?
  • What are you thankful for?
  • Pretend you have a pizza. Can you show me what a whole would be? What about a half? Or a fourth?