Medicine in Ancient Egypt

By: Kayla Tollis, Jamari Reeves, and Chris Speanburg

Ancient Egypt Medicine. How did it occur?

The Egyptians had to use trial and error to try and figure out medicine. They used natural resources along with prayers. Ancient Egyptians thought that gods, demons, and spirits would create illnesses. While working, their research involved ways to unblock "Channels".

Their Practice?

The Ancient Egyptians practiced in many things. They Practiced in skin diseases, stomach ailments, medicines, the head, dentistry, gynecology, and diseases of the extremities. They also practice in the reproductive system, pregnancy, and childbirth.


First, they take the body to a tent and the embalmers wash it with palm wine. They then rinse it with the Nile's water. Next, they cut the side off the body and take out the organs and dry them out. The body would now be covered and stuffed with natron. The organs are wrapped in linen and placed back in the body. Now, the body is stuffed with dry materials so it looks more life like. Finally, the body gets wrapped with linen.

Why's it important now?

Ancient Egyptian medicine is important to us now because we would know so medical stuff with out it. We wouldn't know how about fractures, broken bones, colds, pregnancy etc. Without that we wouldn't know to help any o those things. That's why it's important now.