Annexation in Texas

Pros and cons of annexation in Texas


Texas, if it was let in, would straddle the line of free and slave states.

They had already proven themselves to be ready to leave a country over slave ownership. There was little doubt that, even with all the begging it’d done, it would turn around and leave the US. Admitting a slave state would only strengthen the southern base, and give what was due to be the Confederacy more power. More than any other reason, the northern states fought to keep Texas from joining because of this.


1. Texas was in the way of the US goal of reaching the west coast. They had already obtained the land to go around it with the Louisiana Purchase, but annexing Texas and moving right through would be a lot easier.Texas had left Mexico because they wanted to keep their slaves. Sure there were other reasons, but it was more about retaining that right than any other.The Southern states wanted to admit it, to keep the balance of power between slave and free states equal. The fact that this would extend slavery well past the current western boundary was just a bonus. Especially with two more free states being considered (Iowa and Wisconsin), they really wanted it to happen.