Springhill Starters

Building the Foundation

"Having a plan means putting yourself in the presence of others who can remind you what you're striving towards"-Sarah Wessling

Retreat is NEXT Week!

I am so excited about our first Springhill Retreat, which is next Tuesday & Wednesday. We will begin in the cafeteria at Springhill at 7:40a.m. Our office staff is providing a light breakfast as we will start immediately at 7:40a.m with the FUN! You will be provided an agenda upon arrival which will keep you from Hyperventilating by seeing it now. It is jam packed with activities that will allow us to "build the foundation" at Springhill. Our dress code for retreat is entirely casual & comfy. This means you can wear capris, shorts (not too short), T-shirts & any type of footwear you like. We will be serving snow cones that evening and it will be hot so keep that in mind. We will all have a "new" Springhill shirt to wear for our snow cone event and you will receive those on Tuesday. So here is what you need to bring to retreat: a lawn chair, wear a t-shirt that says something about you (example below or you might want to wear your "Best mom/dad shirt. Be creative), and a wire hanger.

Teacher Move in Date

Teacher move in date will be July 14th! The classroom furniture will be assembled and maintenance will begin moving all the boxes from the other elementary schools to Springhill.