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Amur leopards are going extinct By: Abby Batson - Rook

Amur Leopards

Amur leopards are orange tan with white on their bellies. They have dark black spots with light brown spots on the dark ones. Amur leopards have u-shaped ears and sharp teeth like little daggers. They also have big yellow eyes.

Sadly, these cute animals have been endangered since 2007.

Hunters are hunting these cute animals and they need to stop. These animals are getting more endangered every day. And they cant speak so lets speak for them. There are many ways to help. Like having fun when you help because, a game called Animal Jam helps when you pay for membership the money goes to the animals so try today.

Amur Leopards how we can help and facts

how we can help and facts!!!!!

We can help by, going online and researching where you can go to give them money . For Amur leopards and other animals that are endangered.You can even have fun while doing it because, you can play Animal Jam and pay for membership. Some facts are, Amur leopards live in Russia. They are the most extinct big cats. They also have to go through captain breeding.

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