Greek Education

by N Reno

What Greek Children Where Tough

Different types of teachings varied in Greece. For example in Sparta boys were though the importance of military. Then when they turn seven they are taken to barracks were they are though discipline, duty, strength, and military skills. However in Sparta children were though at home and only need to know grammar and common sense.

The Importance of Teaching

Greek teachings were important to children to prepare them for their future jobs and experiences as well as to give the children different options, because as I said before every city-state in Greece tough something different to their students. Teaching also employed many philosophers and adults. Another reason why teaching was important to not only the students but to the teachers was because it was a very respected job.

Greek Teachers and Philosophers


Every part in Greece obviously had some sort of education. However Sparta and Athens had the strongest education because they were the wealthiest city-states in Greece.