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14 Best Reading Practices

The goal of this newsletter is to share research and best practices and provide an opportunity for professional learning at your fingertips! Take what you like and use it. Ignore what you are already doing (or pat yourself on the back!). Save it for later when you are ready to tackle it. Ask for support if you want to learn more or start something new. `

Over the next few weeks, I will share 14 Reading Best Practices that were compiled by the Right to Read Initiative in Illinois along with some resources and information for each best practice. I know that some of these will be review, but I hope some are new or offer a new twist to consider!

Best Practice #2: Assessment to Inform Instruction

Best Practice #2: Teachers routinely monitor and assess the reading levels and progress of individual students. This ongoing evaluation directs and informs instruction.

What would the practice look like in the classroom? Running records, portfolios, Individual Reading Inventory (IRI), learning logs, anecdotal notes, response journals, rubrics

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Remember: This is a resource for professional learning...not new mandates of anything you HAVE to do! Read what you want, ignore it, discuss it with others, try something new, save for later. Whatever works for you and what YOU need!