Once lava hits the the ground

  • burning down trees
  • burning house
  • burning ground
  • make Cole

why people live near volcanoes

  • it make new land
  • make rich soil
  • help farmers make heat

where do they most happen ?

  • In Hawaii
  • Washington
  • Alaska
  • California

why dose this happens?

volcanoes erupts because density and pressure in the volcano

what you can do to prvent this

  • dater kits
  • water
  • food
  • medicine
  • radio
  • flashlight
  • mask
  • goggles

Whats a volcano?

A volcano is mountain that opens downward to a pool of molten rock below the surface of the earth.

How are volcanoes formed?

volcanos are formed when magma form within the earth upper mantle works its way to the suface
Volcano Song