Summer Updates

Changes in Certificate Renewal

Elimination of Graduate Course Requirement for Certificate Renewal Amendments to Regulation 43-55, Renewal of Credentials, will become effective on June 26, 2020, with publication of the next issue of the State Register. These changes remove the requirement of a graduate course for certificate renewal for educators who do not hold a master’s degree. So, an educator without a master’s degree, whose Professional certificate will expire on June 30, 2020, does not need a graduate course to renew the credential. So long as the educator has 120 renewal credits on file and meets all other requirements

Induction Teachers

The Induction Teacher Leader Institute will be August 3-6, although the format will look a little different this year. Most importantly for now, PLEASE help us by making sure all induction teachers have the institute on their calendars for those dates! We also need your help communicating with mentors about August 6 - we'll need them on that day! (Mentors and induction teachers will receive stipends for the days they attend.) It will be more important than ever that the teachers have access to their devices to access the institute, so please work with your technician to make sure each teacher is online by August 3. We know there are many more questions than answers as we approach 2020-2021, including the calendar. As we await guidance from the General Assembly, we will be prepared to make necessary adjustments to our schedule to meet the needs of our teachers. Stay tuned!

Teachers New to Lex One

All teachers new to Lexington One will be invited to participate in a virtual curriculum unpacking session on Wednesday, August 5 (during the Induction Institute) . Please share this information with all new hires!

- Teachers new to South Carolina must participate in a SC Teaching Standards 4.0 overview. There are 2 options for completing this overview - August 6 or August 25 & 26. Please share these dates with any teachings joining you from another state.

Good Bye Classroom Mosaic

As we look towards 2020-2021, we anticipate there will be some adjustments to teacher evaluation as we work to find a feedback solution that is safe & meaningful for all educators. One adjustment you will see is that all classroom observations will be done in SCLead, including classroom walkthroughs. By migrating walkthroughs into SCLead, teachers, evaluators & administrators will only have to navigate one system, which will afford you some increased options around seeing trends and patterns in your school. But stay tuned - as we know more from the State Department of Education and more about our approaches to learning and safety, we will share more information about how to plan for observations this year!