Preventative Care

By Jaime Gomez


A mammogram is a X-ray picture of the breast. The Mammogram helps the doctors have a more accurate diagnostic.The X-ray looks for how big the lumps and it can also find tiny deposits of calcium. Sometimes the Mammogram can't be accurate if there are implants. It should be checked between the ages 50-74.

Pap Smears

A Pap Smear is an exam so that doctors can see if there is something wrong with there cervix. Women should be getting checked when they are 21 for every four years. Only women should be getting this exam.

Testicular Exams

Men are the only ones who should be getting this. The Testicular exam should start at the age of 15-35. The exam checks if there are any unusual lumps or bumps.

Prostate Exams

The prostate exams are for men only. They should be getting checked between 40-70. Prostate are by getting there hand in the anus.